XDue Zip Extractor Pro - Tutorials

5、 How to convert existing archives, i.e. Zip to Rar format XDue Zip Extractor Pro file converter function allows to convert existing archives belonging to any of the 200+ formats supported for extraction (CAB, ISO, RAR, ZIPX...), into any archive format supported for writing (7Z, RAR, WIM, TAR, ZIP and more popular file formats), on Microsoft Windows.

● Step 1、 Open the XDue Zip Extractor Pro, choose the files you want to convert (Press the Ctrl key to choose multiple files). / 打开XDue Zip Extractor ,选择你要转换的压缩包

● Step 2、 Choose format to convert and click "OK". / 选择转换的格式,点击OK

● Step 3、 You will see the converted 7Z format file in the files list.


If input file is encrypted, user needs to provide correct password to perform archive conversion, otherwise archive data will not be readable and extraction stage will not complete.