XDue Zip Extractor Pro - Tutorials

2、Create, open, extract 7-Zip archives  / 创建,打开,解压7-zip或者Zip压缩包

 1. Create 7Z file or Zip
1) Create 7z or zip files from system File Explorer

Right-click the folder in the File Explorer -> Compress to .7z with XDue Zip / 在文件浏览器中,右键文件夹,选择 Compress to .7z with XDue Zip
Or /或者
Right-click the folder in the File Exporer -> Compress to .zip with XDue Zip /在文件浏览器中,右键文件夹,选择Compress to .zip with XDue Zip

2) Create 7z or Zip files from XDue Zip Extractor Pro

    1))Use Add button (or Add context menu entry) to show archive creation / 使用 “”Add(增加)" 按钮

    2))Then Drag and drop files / folders from the system to a XDue Zip Extractor Pro  instance; if you are browsing an existing archive you will be asked if you want to add files to current archive or create a new one
/ 然后将文件/文件夹从系统拖放到 XDue ZipExtractor Pro 

2. Open 7Z files Open 7z files in XDue Zip Extractor Pro with double click, or context menu "Open as archive" entry, that will attempt to read any user provided file type regardless file extension associations
3. Extract 7Z files Decompress 7z files from the system

1) In the XDue Zip Extractor Pro > Choose the archives ->  Extract... shows archive extraction screen, to set output path, password (if needed) and other options.

2) Select one or more archives and use context menu (right-click)  Extract here or Extract here (to new folder) for quick extraction with no further confirmation

3) Or in the File Explorer, right click the archive, Extract here with XDue Zip Extractor or Extract to ... with XDue Zip Extractor Pro.