Once we've completed the Recorder 3X's automatic configuration wizard, we're ready to start recording.

  • First you need to set up scenes and sources, and you can add scenes and sources from the two panels in the bottom area of Recorder 3X

Typically, a single scenario can be used in most cases. Click the number of the scene panel to add the scene, as shown in the following image.

  • Secondly,Set the source
Select the scene you created in the previous step, and click the number of the source panel to add the source. There are three common sources:
Display capture: Records a screen that is entirely display-wide.
Game capture: Records a game.
Window capture: Record a video of the specified program window.
Of course, you can choose any other recording source as shown in the following image:
  • Let's take recording game video as an example.
Click Game Capture in the menu above, enter the source name in the dialog box shown in the image below, and click OK.

The following image dialog box appears, just leave it by default, and click OK to complete the source addition.
  • Set up audio.
The mixer panel has two audio sources by default, as shown in the following image:

Recording video usually requires only desktop audio, so you need to remove the microphone or the recorded video will have a murmur.
Remove the microphone as follows if you need:
Click on the Settings menu of the control panel,

In the pop-up settings dialog box, select Audio to disable the microphones all:

After the setting is successful, the microphone no longer appears in the mixer panel.

Of course, if you need a microphone to record a game or tutorial, you'll need to Enable it on as it pleases.
  • Finally, Start recording.
Make sure to select Game Capture and click on the Start Recording menu in the control panel to start recording.

Then start the game you want to record.

To make sure that Recorder 3X is working properly, you can cut back from the game to see if the game screen appears in the preview interface of Recorder 3X, if it appears to indicate that it is recording normally.
Click Stop Recording in the control panel to end the recording.