Free Word to PDF Plus - Tutorial Online

Section 1: PDF Split
1) Drag or Click "Add file" to load pdf files to split.
2) There are four splitting options:
(1)Every Page: Each page will be splitted into a seperated pdf file and all pages are splitted.
(2)Odd Page: Each odd page will be splitted into a seperated pdf file.
(3)Even Page: Each even page will be splitted into a seperated pdf file.
(4) Num Page: This is a important option and also powerful.
The page number splitting method extracts the specified number of pages according to the requirements and generates one or more documents.
For example, when the split method is the page number, the input page number is: 20,30-40; 40-50,51,52 will generate two documents. One copy consists of 20,30-40 pages, and the other 40-50,51,52 pages. Separate the number of copies you want with a colon, a dash represents the number of consecutively selected pages, and a single number represents a page selected.

Section 2: PDF Merge.

PDF Merge is so easy.
1) Drag or Add pdf files to load.
2) Note: The order in which files are added is the order in which they are merged。
3)Change the output path or just save it in the same path as the first pdf file.

Section 3: PDF Compression.
PDF Compression is easy just follow the steps.

Section 4: PDF Encrypt.
1) Load pdf files.
2) Enter a password.
3) Start encrypting by one-click.