Gramps-  genealogical research software

Version 5.1.4 for Windows, Multilingual
65MB download / 123-198MB installed

Publisher: Gramps Team
Date Updated: 2021-08-03
Date Added: 2010-12-09
System Requirements: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
App License: Open Source (GPL)
Source: Gramps


Gramps is a genealogy program that is both intuitive for hobbyists and feature-complete for professional genealogists.

  • Gramplets - A dashboard to help you monitor the progress of your research. A variety of widgets provide quick analysis of your data and more.
  • People - A list of every individual in your records featuring birth/death dates and more.
  • Relationships - A summary of the active person’s parents, siblings, spouses and children.
  • Families - A list of every family group featuring parent names, relationship status and, if applicable, marriage dates.
  • Ancestry - A graphic representation of the active person’s ancestry featuring photos and birth/death dates.
  • Events - A list of every event in your records featuring descriptions, event types, dates and places.
  • Places - A list of every place in your records featuring place names and location details.
  • Geography - An interactive map view highlighting places associated with one person, a group of people or all people in your records.
  • Sources - A list of all sources referenced in your records featuring authors and publication details.
  • Citations - A list of all citations referenced in your records featuring quality, date, volume and page.
  • Repositories - A list of source repositories referenced in your records featuring web addresses, physical addresses and email contact information.
  • Media - A list of all photos, videos and other media referenced in your records featuring thumbnail preview, media type and more.
  • Notes - A list of all text notes included in your records featuring note type and preview.

App Notes

Gramps Database Changes: Version 5.0 and later of Gramps may not be able to import data from version 3.x automatically. If you upgraded from a previous version of Gramps, your old version was copied to a GrampsPortableLegacy directory alongside your upgraded one. You can open that version and export to Gramps XML format, then create a new family tree in Gramps 5.1 and import your data if you encounter issues.