Quick Bridge

Quick Bridge - play bridge against the computer

Version for Windows, English
1MB download / 1MB installed

Publisher: Wesley Steiner & PortableApps.com (Patrick Powell)
Date Updated: 2016-01-10
Date Added: 2011-03-27
System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
App License: Freeware (Personal and business use)
Source: PortableApps.com Launcher, PortableApps.com Installer


Sharpen your skills at the Bridge table with this fun, free and easy-to-use game of Contract Bridge. You play for the South and North hands (We) while the computer plays for East and West (They). Uses the Standard American Bidding system with Stayman and Blackwood conventions. Display's your hand valuation using a combination of High-Card points (HCP) and Length points. Replay the last hand or Redeal the current hand. Includes a pop-up score sheet that keeps score for you.